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About Us

MBH Power is a member of the Tolaram Group of Companies.

MBH Power ia a Total Energy Solutions Company providing World-class services to meet the growing demand of the power sector in emerging markets. It focuses on EPC solutions in Tranmission and Distribution, Metering & Energy Audit and Turnkey solutions in Conventional & Non-Conventional Power Generation.

About Tolaram group

Established in 1948 in Malang, Indonesia.

Tolaram group is headquartered in Singapore with business interests in Asia, Africa and Europe. We trade with companies in over 75 countries.

The group has diversified portfolio consisting of Consumer Goods, Infrastructure, Energy, Digital Services and other interests which include Distribution, Financial Services, Paper products, Real Estate and Textiles.

Our Commitment

Delivering what we promise, to our clients, has proved to be the key tool towards attaining success. Our Employees lend their ear to understand client-based issues before providing solutions. Our staffs’ knowledge combined with their in-depth understanding of the local markets helps our clients become game changers.

MBH through the years

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